ShowdownGG's statement regarding Take The Shot Monthly 2

We’ve been so grateful for your support in recent months which is why cancelling the stream tonight was a very difficult decision to make. We couldn’t have been more excited to be in our new studio with our entire production team ready to rock the evening until we came across one issue we simply couldn’t resolve, …internet instability. While the players had no issues, we simply couldn’t get stable internet the entire night.

It was our collective decision that it was best to produce ONLY good content rather than subject the viewers to a poor experience. (I’d like to state that I’m a bonehead and accidently started the first match of the night early but kudos to Mitchell (Furtive Raccoon), Corelli and Quinn for picking up the game mid-match and rocking out as always.)

While we did discontinue the stream, the tournament will continue and finish off-stream tonight because we didn’t feel it was fair to the teams who had already set aside time to compete. We anticipate gathering replays from unstreamed matches and producing content to be streamed at a later date.

Thank you to:

- The community for your understanding. We’ve had a pretty solid run and have been happy to have earned your viewership and support. I’m a fan of Rocket League too (it was my 3 year old son’s first video game!) so not seeing some badass matches tonight bums me out completely.

- The teams who participate in our tournaments. We certainly acknowledge you took time out of your schedule to compete on stream and forwent other opportunities to join us this evening. We appreciate the weeks that you’ve joined us and look forward to seeing you compete on stream again.

- Twitch. We appreciate the support and trust from your team and look forward to continuing something awesome.

- My team. I’m fortunate to be a member of an awesome group of people and wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s next?

We will rebroadcast the remaining matches at an upcoming date that has yet to be chosen. We will provide an update on our Twitter within the end of next week with full details.

We will be eagerly waiting for March 24th, our 3rd Take The Shot Monthly.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

CJ with Showdown


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