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ShowdownGG suspending Churning The Butter at Game Night

Brief Statement:

ShowDown has suspended its SFV Churning The Butter broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Folsom Street Foundry effective March 13, 2017. A majority of fighting games on platforms like PS4 and XBOX 360 will be available for casuals every Tuesday and Thursday. Other locations and days of the week for hosting and broadcasting FGC efforts are actively being explored.

Statement Details:

Thank you to the community for your support that past few years. New friendships have been formed and epic experiences have occurred at ShowDown events which makes this transition for us difficult.

It is important to note that ShowDown is not discontinuing its FGC efforts indefinitely but, after exploration of options throughout the past year, we have determined that hosting Street Fighter broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Game Nights is not a viable option for us to continue pursuing. Contributing factors such as financial viability, growth and transition of talent, and attempting to appeal to more than 2 communities on only 2 available nights are just a few of the reasons for the transition.

ShowDown’s revised efforts that can be announced at this time include:

- Game Nights will ALWAYS have FGC setups with emphasis on ensuring a variety of fighting games are installed and available for play on our game stations rather than JUST Street Fighter. Tuesdays have had 6 FGC stations for the past few weeks including 4 PS4s and 2 XBOX 360s allowing for people to sit down and choose a game of their choice more easily without having to get up and move to another dedicated station.

- Game Night’s entry fee will be reduced as early as March 28st. More details soon.

- ShowDown will ensure new games are available at Game Night when they are released such as Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and Injustice 2. While we don’t anticipate hosting tournaments or broadcasts for those games with regularity, we will celebrate their releases with a special event.

- Less frequent but larger scale efforts are being planned.

Thank you to:

- The community for their support and understanding. ShowDown will continue to pursue options for hosting fun and competitive FGC events including the casual experience at Game Nights.

- Other local organizers for your coordination and understanding as we continued to adjust our efforts. Special thanks to Carolyn Dao and her efforts with ShowDown the past few years.

- Capcom for their continued support and trust in our efforts.

- Anyone who has contributed to the tournament and broadcast efforts including commentators, TOs, social media supporters, and those who used to bring in their setups when we were first starting.

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